Aggressive seagulls snatch two burgers in minutes after swooping on harbourside diners

Seagulls snatched two burgers within minutes after swooping on harbourside diners during the sunny bank holiday.

The brazen birds targeted customers at Bristol’s Three Brothers bar, which serves its burgers from a moored boat.

Workers at the pub say gulls have recently become “an absolute nightmare”, claiming they have no issues continually swooping for food when the outdoor area is busy.

The double burger snatch happened shortly before 8pm on May 31 — less than two weeks after another gull stoke a burger from a man’s hands, reports Bristol Live.

Recent gull target at the Three Brothers pub, Simone de Brouwer, was visiting Bristol from London when she said her burger just vanished as she began eating her fries.

She said: “I was having the fries first and the burger disappeared. I don’t know if I have words for it. I was just stunned.

“I wasn’t irritated for myself but it must be annoying for the people who work here. They said it had happened a few times in the last week.”

Pointing to a table near where the gulls had fought for the food, she added: “I’m glad I wasn’t sitting there when they were all going for it. It was flying everywhere.”

Simone, 29, laughed: “It’s a story to tell my friends. I can ring my mum about it.”

The teacher, who received a new burger on the house, said she was relieved the gulls had not gone for her Sour Suzy beer.

“It wouldn’t stop me coming here again,” she said. “I feel it could happen anywhere. I would feel more worried if I was eating fish and chips.”

Gulls may be well-known for their keenness on fish, but their recent penchant for burgers was once again in evidence as Bristol Live’s interview with Simone was interrupted by another swoop.

The burger was snatched from the table of students Jack and Nina, who did not wish to give their surnames.

Jack, 19, said: “The funny thing is it was a vegan burger. It was my girlfriend Nina’s.

“The first gull came over for my cheeseburger and I brushed it away with my hand. I looked back down to carry on eating my burger.

“Then about 10 seconds later the second one came and I didn’t see it, but it picked up my girlfriend’s burger in its mouth and it f****d off.”